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The newest dental clinic management software we have developed since 1992. Interactive, online, easy access from anywhere and on any device. Intelligent working logic based on foresight and experience makes your life easier by sensing your work.

NO setup fees
NO setup fees

You can use it from anywhere with Apple Mac, Windows, Linux, tablet, phone and Smart TV! No download and installation required!

NO risk of data loss
NO risk of data loss

Any virus, device failure, thief, flood, fire, earthquake, etc. can't affect your data in the cloud!

FREE updates
FREE updates

Always use the latest version! Have whatever comes out fresh. Do not use stale, outdated or fake dental software products.

UNLIMITED dentists and users
UNLIMITED dentists and users

Add as many dentists and users as you want, make flexible authorization for your users!

What's in Dr.DENTES?

Check out all the features...
Patient Management
Patient Management
  • Patient archive
  • Customizable tariff and payment currency
  • Periodic controls
  • USS/e-Nabız integration
  • e-Reçete/Reçetem integration
Treatment Management
Treatment Management
  • Diagnosis, planning, follow-up of the treatment stages
  • Conversion of the selected plan into contract
  • Multilingual treatment plan and proforma
Appointment Management
Appointment Management
  • Sharing appointments with Google and Apple calendar
  • Automatic appointment reminders to your patients
  • Coloring appointments according to the dentist or treatment
Medical Image Management
Medical Image Management
  • RVG, panoramic and photo upload
  • Comparison before and after treatment
  • The relations between the teeth and jaws of the images
Invoice System
Invoice System
  • e-Invoice
  • Fast printed invoices
  • The payment relations between the invoices
Stock and Cost Management
Stock and Cost Management
  • Stock Status and Movements Management
  • Treatment Components and Real Cost Management
  • Follow-up of Serial Numbered Implants and Other Materials


Slide to see all packages

You can see the package prices for UNITED STATES below. If you can't see the prices, contact us.

* Phone, Tablet, Computer, Apple Mac, Smart TV

When the plan limits are exceeded, the account moves to the upper plan. After the difference payment is received. The USS/e-Nabız system is only avaliable for Turkey, and its fee is not included for Turkey.

How can I use Dr.DENTES?

Unique Experience

Frequently Answered Questions

Would you like to know more about us?
Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, your information/data in other software, Google Contacts or Spreadsheet, calendar will be transferred to Dr.DENTES with a little cost. You can contact us for detailed information.

No. You can use it from anywhere when you connect to the internet with Apple Mac, Windows, Linux, tablet, smartphone and smart TV. Dr.DENTES not dependent any operating system or devices.

Your data is stored encrypted on our cloud servers. You must know the company code, username and password to access your data. Dr.DENTES servers are protected by SSL certificates. The security level (tiers) of our servers is four (4). Tier-4 is the pinnacle of the industry standard for server security.

You can start any package you want. If you exceed the limits, you can upgrade to the next package by paying the difference fee. The size of data is variable. Data size can be calculate like following;

  1. One patient card tooks about one (1) KB of the database.
  2. Ten (10) of the Diagnosis/Planning/Treatment/Money Received records occupy around 1 KB.
  3. Five (5) of the Appointment records occupy about 1 KB. But;
  4. Panoramic x-ray takes between 1 MB and 20 MB depending on the size of the shot. 1 MB = 1024 KB.
  5. The patient's pre/post oral operation photos can occupy 1 to 30 MB depending on the camera's shooting settings.
  6. With the data compression algorithm in the 4th and 5th items, Dr.DENTES provides 1/10 of the area gain instead of 1/3 according to its storage. For this reason, it is impossible to give an exact figure. However, a net figure can be given for fixed information (patient, appointment, treatment, money collection, expense cards, etc.).

Dr.DENTES available for English, German and Turkish. Also you can see treatments in Albanian.


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If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form, and we will answer you in a short time.

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