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The Expense card to be followed opens with the New () button. Labels for mandatory information are marked in red. The information of the previously saved expense card seen on the screen is edited with Change (). Changes made can be abandoned (). Save () is used to store the entered information. If necessary, the Expense card can be deleted (). 

You can switch between expense cards with the Prev () and Next () buttons.

Expense cards can be searched with Search (). When a blank search is made, all expense cards are listed.

Descriptions of the fields in the expense card;

An Expense card cannot be opened without filling in the Name, Account Type and Currency fields. Other fields are filled optionally.

Account #: This is the number assigned to the Expense card by Dr.DENTES.,

Currency: The currency in which expenses and payments will be made. Currency cannot be changed while there is a debit record on the expense card.

Working Terms: These are the working conditions that must be followed according to the agreement made with the card holder.

Payment Type: You can note how the payments will be made.

Executive Person: Name, Surname, Mobile phone and E-mail information of the company representative.

Sales Representative: Name, Surname, Mobile phone and E-mail information of the company personnel we deal with when purchasing goods or services.

Technician: If this card belongs to a dental laboratory, the Name, Surname, Mobile phone and E-mail information of the technician who performs our work are written.

Balance: If there is a debt or receivable due to this card, it is shown as Overpaid. If the account is closed, this field will not be visible.


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