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www.dishek.org is the website where visitors looking for a dentist can ask for offers, questions or appointments, or read articles written by dentists. The English version of the site is www.smileparadise.org

Existing information can be edited () or missing information can be completed. Unsaved changes can be discarded (). Save () is used to store the entered information. 

Photos can be taken with a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone () or an existing photo can be uploaded (). If not desired, the photo can be deleted ().

 Choose your location: The location is selected on the map. Visitors can see the address on the map on our websites www.smileparadise.org and www.dishek.org. In the select location window; With the Konum bul button, automatic location detection can be made or the location can be marked on the map. The Find location function must be operated in the practice! Otherwise, it marks the current point as your address! Finally, fix the location with Save.

Name, Surname, Speciality, Diploma No, Diploma date, Mobile phone, Wired phone, Phone, Country, City, Post code, Town, E-mail, Address and Office Hours are available from the OPTIONS > Dentist page. The information in these fields is changed on the OPTIONS > Dentist page.

Note: Diploma No, Diploma date, Mobile phone and E-mail information are not published.

Web site: The website address is entered.

Social media accounts are written in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ areas. It can be "www.facebook.com/drdentes" or you can also write your nickname such as "drdentes" in the relevant place.

In the Education, Experiences, Memberships ve Practice & Hospital Affiliations sections, new lines to enter information will open with the  button. The information requested to be published is filled in. Information is entered according to the language selected in the Language field in the Experiences and Memberships sections. The information entered is displayed on sites broadcasting in the selected language. For example, the information filled in by selecting English is published on the website www.smileparadise.org. If information is filled in by selecting only one language, the same information is published on both sites.

There are also two different language entries in the Biography. Turkish content is filled in the "Biography (Turkish)" field, English content is filled in the "Biography (English)" field. If the biography is filled out only in Turkish, the Turkish biography will be published on the site broadcasting in English.

Working Start Year: The year of starting to work professionally is selected.

Accepts New Patients: It is marked whether new patients will be accepted or not.

Medical Philosophy: The application method is chosen.

Patient Types: The types of patients the dentist treats are selected.

Publish (dishek.org): Select whether the dentist will be published on www.dishek.org and www.smileparadise.org.

Should patient appointment requests be forwarded to you?: When "Yes" is selected, patients can send appointment requests from the site. An e-mail is sent to the dentist for whom an appointment is requested and this request is seen in the Dr.DENTES warning system.

Should patient questions be forwarded to you?: If "Yes", patients can forward questions to the dentist via the site. An e-mail is sent to the relevant dentist and seen in the Dr.DENTES alert system.

E-mail and mobile phones must be up-to-date to convey patient requests...

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