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These are the treatments performed on the oral page. Treatments for which invoices have been issued appear in red in the list, and treatments copied from planning appear in blue. The total treatment amount and the remaining patient debt under the red heading "Unpaid" are displayed on the top left.

 Contract: In oral planning, Contract receivables arising from the Contract made with the patient are monitored.

 Family Account: Patient debts in the Family Account that this patient is included in can be viewed in a table.

 Alert: Receivables can be tracked by adding an alert to the alert list for the patient's payment date.

= Close account: Resets the patient's debt to zero. When clicked, the "Close account window opens. Two options are offered: "Now" and "Past Date". When  Past Date is selected, the date field opens. By entering/selecting a date here  = Close account and clicking Close account, the account for treatments applied on or before that date will be closed. To undo the account closure process, click the   button in the "Close account" window. After account closure, treatment records and money received before and after the closure date will not appear in the list. To see it in the list, tick " Show paid account" in the Treatments section. No transactions can be made on the money received.

Received moneys

Payments made by the patient are listed and their total is shown.  If too much money is taken from the patient, it is shown in green text on the top left under the heading “Received more”. 

The new money record received is entered with the New () button. These added records can later be modified () or the desired record can be deleted (). With the symbol at the end of the records, the money receipt document for that record is printed.

When the Payment type "Refund" is selected while entering the money received record, the value written to the  Amount is recorded as minus (-) in the Received moneys record. The money returned to the patient is also reflected in the Progress Payment.

When the Payment type "Credit/Debit card" is selected when entering the money received record, the Bank Cost field opens. If desired, a treatment called this expense can be created and the bank fee is reflected to the patient. For this;

  • OPTIONS > Clinic page, the percentage of Bank Cost Percentage for credit card payments is entered in the Bank Charge Percentage. When adding a payment, when the Payment type is selected as "Credit/Debit card" and the Amount is entered, the Bank Cost is automatically calculated and written and the charge value is added to the Amount. When the Save button is pressed, a treatment with the name and value of Bank Cost is created.
  • If 0 is entered in the Bank Cost Percentage on the OPTIONS > Clinic page, the Bank Cost will be written by the user for Credit/Debit card payments. There will be no change in the Payment Amount and when the Save button is pressed, a treatment called Bank Cost is created with the entered value.
  • If the Bank Cost Percentage is left blank on the OPTIONS > Clinic page, bank charges will not be reflected to the patient for credit card payments.

All bank expenses are shown on the REPORT > Account Book page and are deducted from that day's turnover.

 Balance Distribution: When more than one physician treats a patient, it shows the physician's share in proportion to the treatment cost. If the account is closed, treatments and money received on and before the closing date will not be included in the balance distribution. To see all records, "Show paid account" in the "Treatments" section is checked and the balance distribution is examined again. In this case, all distributions are visible.

Money records received from the patient are printed with Print ()


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