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Receivded Goods/Services

A newly purchased goods or service record () is opened. New registration cannot be made without filling in the red fields. If desired, the goods or services purchased can be matched with the Patient card or Dentist . Job Type is selected as "Other" by default. If one of the Prosthesis-Crown-Skeleton-Repair-Orthodontics-Night Guard options is selected, Patient card and Dentist selection becomes mandatory. With these job types, laboratory work can be recorded and tracked in more detail. The dates the patient arrived are listed in the Application field. This list consists of the Diagnosis, Planning and Treatments records of the relevant patient. Detailı of the Work, Reason for the Return, Number of Members, Number of Foot, Number of Trunk can be written, Spoon Type, Color and Tooth Size can be selected. With Work Level, the stages of the job can be recorded along with their date.

Date of maturity: Maturity Date: The payment date of the goods or services received. If the selected date is more than a week later, the phrase " Remind me" will appear at the bottom. If " Remind me" is checked, Dr.DENTES will warn you 7 days before the payment date.

Paid: If Paid is marked while recording the goods or services received, a record with the "Cash" payment type is added to the "Paid moneys " section in the same "Amount" and "Description".

By clicking on a line in the list of Receivded Goods/Services we have received, the relevant record can be changed () or that record can be deleted ().

Paid moneys

A new payment entry () is made. It is mandatory to fill in the red fields when entering the payment. Payments made can be matched with the Dentist.

When the Payment type "Refund" is selected, the value written in Amount is recorded as minus (-) in Paid moneys.

When the Payment Type "Money order" is selected, the Bank Cost field opens and the transfer fee is entered. Bank charges do not affect payment. In the "Paid moneys" section of the REPORT > Account Book page, bank charges are shown as a total at the top according to the list received.

If a discount has been made on the payment, the "Discount" option is selected in the New (Paid moneys) window and the amount is entered in the opened box. The discount record is displayed with a red Discount description in the "Receivded Goods/Services" section.

Changes can be made by selecting a line from the paid list () or that record can be deleted ().

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