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Inventory Stock record is opened with the New () button. Labels for mandatory information are marked in red. The information about the previously saved asset seen on the screen is edited with Change (). Changes made can be abandoned (). Save () is used to store the entered information. If necessary, the asset can be deleted (). 

You can switch between fixtures with the Prev () and Next () buttons. 

You can search the Inventory Stock with Search (). When a blank search is made, all Inventory Stock are listed. 

(Sterilization Processes: The sterilization status and history of the Inventory Stock are examined.

Description of the areas in the fixture;

Inventory Stock cannot be opened without filling in the Name, Type and Barcode No fields. Other fields are filled optionally.

Stock Code: Used to link the Inventory Stock to the stock card.

Device Type: Activates when Type "Device" is selected. The type of device the Inventory Stock is is selected.

Brand: The brand of the Inventory Stock is written.

Model: The model of the Inventory Stock is written.

Date of Purchase: The date of purchase of the Inventory Stock asset is selected/written.

Warranty End Date: Select/write when the warranty of the Inventory Stock expires.

Expiry Date: The end of life date of the Inventory Stock is selected/written.

Description: A description about the Inventory Stock can be entered.

Dentist: It can be selected which physician the Inventory Stock belongs to.

Be Sterilized: Selects whether the Inventory Stock can be sterilized or not. When "Yes" is selected, the asset appears on the OPTIONS > Sterilization page and the sterilization stages are recorded and tracked.

Status: The status of the Inventory Stock is selected.

Sturdy: Selects whether the Inventory Stock is solid or not.

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