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Patients who received treatment within the specified Date range are listed. The table shows the total treatment amount in that date range, how much payment has been made and how much debt remains. When the Dentist is selected, regardless of the patient's default dentist, you can see how much treatment he performed on each patient and how much payment he received within a certain date range. By selecting from the Group section, the report of the patients in that group is obtained.

A report is obtained showing how much a dentist will receive from all the treatments he has performed so far, whether he is his own patient or not. The dentist from whom the report will be received is selected and the starting value of the date is determined as an old date such as 01.01.1900 and the ending value is determined today to see how much it will take.

Note: The patient's entire debt is sent in the Ready Balance message.

 Report: Lists after the criteria are set.

 Print: Prints the debtor patient list.

 Download: Downloads the debtor patient list.

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